More Teaching, Less Testing!

My friend Gillian Russom teaches high school in the L.A. public schools.  She is also a union activist in the United Teachers of Los Angeles, a fierce advocate for social justice, and an outspoken opponent of high stakes testing.  Gillian recently wrote this short post about the out-of-control testing happening at her school and I …

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In Pursuit of Cultural Freedom: Diane Ravitch with Jesse Hagopian

I recently went to Santa Fe, New Mexico to join best selling author Diane Ravitch in dialogue about the struggle for public education for the Lannan Foundation’s “In Pursuit of Cultural Freedom” forum. Below are the videos of my introduction to Diane, her speech focusing on the struggle against high-stakes testing, and our dialogue about …

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Teach What Matters

Recently I flew to New York City for film project called, "8 Powerful Voices for Public Education."  Below is the address I delivered to make the case for teaching skills that will empower students to challenge oppression and solve societal problems--not just prepare them for the next mind-numbing standardized test. #TeachWhatMatters. Pass it on.

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Graduation Not Incarceration: No to exit exams in Washington!

Some 6,000 high school seniors in Washington are at risk of not graduating because they haven't passed one of the myriad of high-stakes tests, including the Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium (SBAC) Common Core aligned language arts and math exams, as well as a biology end-of-course exam. These students could have met all the other requirements, …

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Black to School: The Rising Struggle to Make Black Education Matter

A world where Black lives matter and Black education is empowering will not come easily. It won't be funded by benevolent philanthropists. It won't be promoted by corporate lobbyists or legislated by the politicians they own. It will only happen with an uprising beyond even the scale and militancy of the last century's civil rights and Black Power movements. The contradictions of unhinged police murder of Black people in the "land of the free," coupled with corporate education reformers' racist schooling policies enacted in the name of "closing the achievement gap," are already producing large-scale, renewed social unrest. The question of how powerful this movement grows is up to us.