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  1. Your justifications and explanations remind me of something said about slavery. The problem was not improving the lot of slaves, improving their health and homes and families. The problem was slavery, itself. In my opinion testing and the educational system as a whole are failing to deliver the real goods: a love of learning. My research tells me the solution is constructionist approaches to education. It may turn the educational system on its head. But that may be what is needed.


  2. Wow, what an incredible statement and litany of concerns. I would compliment your courage to stand up, speak up and bear witness to one of the most serious travesties of our time but I don’t think that courage is the primary quality that you exhibit. You certainly show courage in the face of jeopardizing your jobs but the quality that I want to compliment you on is integrity. It takes a whole person who is fully aware of their place in time and space to see through the illusory promises made by “authorities” who abuse their power by pushing hidden agendas that harm society and decide that it isn’t right and needs to be opposed. This is far beyond courage. With all the phonies on parade it is heartening to see teachers in the trenches with integrity who approach education in its entirety and full complexity. You have my admiration and full support.


  3. Kevin Hiniker, Seattle SD

    I’d like to ask for some IMMEDIATE support on behalf of the ESAs – Psychs, SLPs, PTs, and OTs, who all work with disadvantaged and marginalized students, and who have had their caseload numbers that were already formulated but not put into place in the last contract ignored and now even negated in favor of higher numbers proposed to be “worked towards.”

    We need SEA to bargain forwards, not backwards, from our already hard won position. It is not as if the district cannot afford to fund the staffing that is needed and it is not right for deserving students to be made to wait any longer for the level of services they have needed and are entitled to by law.

    Please contact SEA IMMEDIATELY, before this bargain proceeds (recedes?) any further on this issue, and remind them of their obligations and what needs to be nailed down NOW, during this bargain, and not given away as part of some unnecessary counter proposal response to selective amnesia and bad faith bargaining efforts on the part of the district.

    Already determined and agreed to caseloads, now!


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