Media Appearances

Jesse’s commentary on education, U.S. politics, and foreign affairs have been featured on many local and national TV, radio, web based media outlets.

Jesse’s TV appearances include: CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello , Keith Olberman’s Countdown on Current TV, The Dan Rather Report, Democracy Now!, The Real News Network, King 5 News TV with Mark Wright, and Press TV.

Jesse Radio appearances include: National Public Radio, Left Jab Radio, The Conversation (KUOW), Weekday (KUOW), @ The Chalk Face Radio.

Jesse’s has been quoted or featured in many print media outlets, including: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Education Week, The Seattle Times, The Seattle Weekly, The Stranger, The International Socialist Review, YES! magazine.

Jesse has been featured in these online media outlets:  Rethinking Schools blog, Zinn Education Project, Common Dreams, Truth Out, Seattle Education, Save Seattle Schools.

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  1. […] High School teacher and commentator/author Jesse Hagopian filed a $500,000 claim against the city of Seattle on Wednesday, nine days after being pepper […]


  2. Please do not use the term “people of color”. It’s offensive. Say, instead: Anglo-American, African-American, etc.
    Never forget Unions are an extension of the School Administratioun, period.
    Stricking, fighting is ‘lo


  3. […] here for a list of Hagopian’s media appearances. Most of them feature him regaling his victory […]


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