Jesse Hagopian TEDx Talk: More Than a Score

Teach What Matters

Jesse gave this speech to the school board in 2008, when he was teaching at Madison Middle School, right after he was laid off because of the Great Recession and the ensuing budget cuts.


Jesse delivered these words, interrupting the House Ways and Means committee meeting during a special legislative session designed to cut $2 billion from healthcare and education.  After informing the Washington Legislature that these cuts violated the state constitution and a King County Superior Court ruling, he attempted to hand them a citizens arrest warrant.  He  was arrested moments later.


Teachers (Seattle EA members) at Garfield High School unanimously voted not to administer district-mandated standardized MAP tests this semester, calling them a waste of time and money.


Diane Ravitch, Wayne Au, Jesse Hagopian and Dora Taylor in “Race to Where?” a Seattle Ed 2010 forum on the misdirection of ed reform


Jesse speaks at a forum in New York City about the MAP test boycott

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