Here Jesse (left) is shown bandaging a badly injured Haitian women hours after the earthquake struck on January 12th, 2010.
Here Jesse (left) is shown bandaging a badly injured Haitian women hours after the earthquake struck on January 12th, 2010.

On January, 12, 2010, Jesse and his family survived the devastating earthquake in Haiti and joined the relief effort in the aftermath.  Upon his return home to Seattle, Jesse joined the board of directors of Maha-Lilo—“Many Hands, Light Load”—a Haiti solidarity organization.


“The Sound of Screaming Is Constant”–Haiti Devastated by Massive Earthquake, Desperate Search for Survivors Continues

The death toll rises as Haiti is crushed by a massive 7.0-magnitude earthquake. Bodies lie in the streets as people continue to cry out from underneath the rubble. Little aid has come in as the situation becomes increasingly desperate. The number of dead is almost certainly in the tens of thousands but could be 100,000 or more. We go to Port-au-Prince to get a report from a young American father who is helping to care for the injured in the hotel where he was staying when the quake struck.



The Seattle TimesSeattle couple in Haiti suddenly become medical workers

Jesse Hagopian and his wife, Sarah Wilhelm, of Seattle, were in Haiti when the earthquake hit. Suddenly, they found themselves administering first aid to victims.


The Seattle Times

Laid-off Seattle teacher Jesse Hagopian lauded for aid to quake victims

The unemployed Seattle schoolteacher roped into saving lives outside a hotel in Haiti last week is finally starting his long journey home.


Town Hall Speech, Jesse Hagopian: Earthquake Survivor

Feb 16, 2012– Jesse speaks about surviving the earthquake at Seattle’s Town Hall.

Feature:Tragedy — and miracles — in Haiti

by: Rosette Royale , Assistant Editor

Jesse Hagopian was in Haiti with his wife and child. Then an earthquake struck. All that he experienced there has impacted him, and his family, deeply.


Common Dreams (Published on Saturday, January 12, 2013)

Seismic Imperialism: Haiti’s Buried Cry for Help on Third Anniversary of Earthquake

Jesse wrote this piece with raw emotion reflecting on the third anniversary of his family surviving the earthquake in Haiti and the savage response of powerful nations around the world.


Oped by Jesse Hagopian

A year after a 7.0 earthquake devastated Haiti, much of the pledged assistance still has not reached the Haitian people. Guest columnist Jesse Hagopian writes about what still needs to be done.


Shock-Doctrine Schooling in Haiti: Neoliberalism Off the Richter Scale

Friday, 16 September 2011 11:39 By Jesse Hagopian, Truthout | News Analysis



Local couple’s harrowing Haiti earthquake survival story

Seattle-Jesse Hagopian , his wife Sarah Wilhelm and their one year old son Miles are home safely in Seattle. Home, but forever changed.


Interview: Jesse Hagopian

Witness to a nightmare (January 18, 2010)

Jesse spoke with Eric Ruder via telephone from Port-au-Prince on January 15 and 16 about the crisis unfolding around him. On Sunday, he and his family were able to travel from Haiti to the Dominican Republic.


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