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MAP Test Boycott Victory Tour with Jesse Hagopian

Beginning this weekend, Garfield High School teacher and Rethinking Schools editorial associate Jesse Hagopian will be traveling around the country to share the lessons of how educators in Seattle organized and won a historic victory against standardized testing by boycotting the MAP test.  After months of threats from the Seattle School District, they finally agreed to no longer require the MAP test at the high school level.   Teachers, students, and parents around the nation are ready to build a movement to stop the high stakes testing mania and the story of how Garfield teachers united communities in common cause for quality assessment will help these struggles grow.  Send I AM AN EDUCATOR a message to let Jesse know if you will be able to attend one of his speaking events or to inquire about having a Seattle MAP test boycott teacher address your organization.

Date City, location Sponsor Contact info Event Information
6/21/13 Milwaukee,

MTEA office 5310 W. Vliet St.

Sponsored by the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association, the Milwaukee Center for Teaching,

Learning and Public Education and the Educators’ Network for Social Justice.


 (414) 259-1990

 Who’s Bashing Teachers and Public Schools

…and What Can We Do About It?

A conversation with two teacher leaders

Jesse Hagopian and

Stan Karp

6/27/13-6/30/13 Chicago, IL
Crowne Plaza Hotel & Conference Center – Chicago O’Hare.
Center for Economic Research and Social Change/Haymarket Books


More than a score: The fight against standardized testing


Defend our schools: Fighting for education justice
6/30/13 Atlanta, GA
Marriott Atlanta Marquis

265 Peachtree Center Avenue, N.E., Atlanta, GA 30303

National Education Association Joint Conference on Concerns of Minorities and Women
7/11/13-7/13/13 Washington, DC
Marriott Wardman Hotel
Advancement Project We Can Do Better: Collaborating to Reform School Discipline and Accountability
9/27/13 Washington, DC Academy of Education Arts and Sciences Bammy Awards Ceremony
September 2013 Eugene, OR Social Equality Educators   Details TBA
September 2013 Minneapolis, MN Public Education Justice Alliance of Minnesota   Details TBA





Video: Garfield, A History of Activism

This year Seattle’s Garfield High School made history by launching a school wide boycott of the MAP test–a struggle ultimately successful at the high school level.

People who were inspired by the MAP test Boycott will be interested in the Museum of History and Industry’s short video they created last school year on the history of Garfield High School, “MOHAI Minute: Garfield High.” Of course the video can’t cover all the history of activism in just a couple of minuets, but they hit some of the highlights–from Stokely Carmichael’s speech at the school in 1967 to the student walkout against budget cuts in 2011 that made national headlines. In addition to what’s covered in this short, Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke at Garfield in his only trip to Seattle, and in 2005 Garfield’s PTSA–with my mom, Amy Hagopian as PTSA president–became the first to vote to end military recruiting in a high school.

Go Bulldogs!


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Scrapping the MAP charts a course toward good teaching, not flawed testing

OP-ED to the The Seattle Times By Jesse Hagopian and Liza Campbell

ScraptheMAPPlease read and share my oped published in the Seattle Times today about our big time victory against the MAP standardized test at the high school level, our unfinished fight at the K-8 level, and what MAP should be replaced with.  Liza Campbell, teacher at NOVA, and co-author of the report recommending what should replace the MAP, co-wrote the oped.

In the essay we argue that,

“Instead of giving our tax dollars to commercial testing enterprises that endlessly rank and sort our children, we should use our resources to provide reading coaches, math tutors, smaller class sizes, arts programs, summer-school programs, and other critical services our children need more than ever. We have more than a decade of experience with the obsessive standardized testing demanded by “No Child Left Behind” and it hasn’t improved our kids’ educations.”

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