Jesse has appeared on many local and national radio programs to talk about education, race, politics, and Haiti.  His appearances include Democracy Now!, KUOW, Left Jab Radio, Chalkface Radio, BAM! Radio, the Dave Ross Show, and many others.


Michael Bennett in dialog with Jesse Hagopian: “Things That Make White People Uncomfortable.”




LEFTJAB RADIO (January 13th, 2013): Matt Taibbi, Matt Rothschild and Jesse Hagopian

Our favorite no-B.S., uber-journalist and all-round hellraiser Matt Taibbi is back in the ring to describe the Empire’s newest clothes! Plus, Progressive Magazine editor Matt Rothschild returns to weigh in on President Obama’s Progressivism (or lack thereof), and Seattle public high school teacher and founding member of Social Equality Educators, Jesse Hagopian, goes a round against standardized tests.


Jesse Hagopian Reports From Haiti: “The Sound of Screaming Is Constant”–Haiti Devastated by Massive Earthquake, Desperate Search for Survivors Continues

The death toll rises as Haiti is crushed by a massive 7.0-magnitude earthquake. Bodies lie in the streets as people continue to cry out from underneath the rubble. Little aid has come in as the situation becomes increasingly desperate. The number of dead is almost certainly in the tens of thousands but could be 100,000 or more. We go to Port-au-Prince to get a report from a young American father who is helping to care for the injured in the hotel where he was staying when the quake struck.


KUOW News and Information logo

What Does Progressive Education Look Like In Seattle Classrooms?

Marcie Sillman talks with co-founder of Social Equality Educators and high school teacher, Jesse Hagopian, about his goals for Seattle classrooms.


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Boycotting Standardized Tests: Good Idea? Will It Make a Difference?
 Rae Pica with Jesse Hagopian, Celine Coggins, Patrick Riccards.
The national discussion of standardized testing was ratcheted up a notch when five schools in Seattle voted to boycott a standard test. In this segment we interview one of the leaders of the boycott and get some views on what impact, if any, this strategy will likely have on the practice of testing.


KUOW NewsHaiti And Seattle (01/28/2010):

Jesse Hagopian, James Krieg and Mark DeSalvo are all Seattle area residents who have just returned from Haiti. They’ve seen firsthand the catastrophic destruction from the recent earthquake and they’re all involved in ways to help the many victims.


KIRO Radio 97.3 KIRO FM News (Thu February 11, 2010):
Show: Local teacher Jesse Hagopian on his return from Haiti. Jesse was taking care of his infant son during his wife’s business trip when the earthquake hit. The couple soon became impromptu medics, providing care to injured Haitians amidst the chaos in the first days following the quake.


Dave Ross Show,  97.3 KIRO FM, (2008) “My country, my banker”:

I saw an op-ed by a middle school teacher Jesse Hagopian who wrote that “everyone NOW knows the government can come up with a gazillion dollars to address a national problem if its deemed serious enough.”


KBOO Radio, Portland 90.7 fm (Aug. 26, 2011.):

This week Wael and Will talk with Seattle school teacher and social justice activist, Jesse Hagopian, about the Interfaith Peace Builders African Heritage delegation visit to Palestine-Israel.


At the Chalk Face: Progressive #edreform talk

Today, 1/13/13, we’re starting an hour early and first talking to Dr. Mercedes Schneider, a Louisiana educator who demolishes the state’s school evaluation data.  Then, we’ll discuss the test boycott at Garfield HS in Seattle, WA. Join US!


Seattle Schools Chief Scales Back Controversial MAP Test

Garfield history teacher and boycott leader Jesse Hagopian welcomed the news…

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