Announcing The Blue Tide’s new January 6th single: “Right Time (To Sing the Blues)”

Announcing The Blue Tide’s new single: Right Time (To Sing the Blues)

I am excited to announce that today the band I started with my lifelong friend Daniel Rapport–The Blue Tide–is releasing our new single, “Right Time (To Sing the Blues).” The song is part of our Plague Blues album that will drop in early 2022 and speaks to this January 6th attacks on the Capitol Building, the pandemic, and the isolation of this era. I wrote the lyrics in the aftermath of the Capitol riots as a way to process the overwhelming events.

As we were recording the album over the summer something astonishing happened. My dad, Gerald Lenoir, discovered that the family came from the same plantation in Morgantown, Mississippi as the legendary blues artist, J.B. Lenoir—one of the most prolific political/racial justice blues artists of all time. It’s hard for me to describe the impact this had on me, and it inspired me to take the artist name J.D. Lenoir.

Check out the powerful video trailer my son made above and then go to our Bandcamp page to download the song:

If you dig the track holla at us on Instagram and Facebook. We hope our music is soul healing in these trying times.

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