A New Anthem for #BlackLivesMatterAtSchool: “False Knowledge,” by the middle school duo Triple S!

To support the artists, Triple S, please buy the track on Bandcamp at:

Black Lives Matter at School has a new anthem for the movement!

The middle school duo from Seattle, Triple S (South Seattle Swagger)–Mc’s Freeze 32 and Gucci Grape–is officially releasing their new track titled, “False Knowledge,” fuel the struggle for Ethnic Studies and Black Studies. As Triple S wrote about the song, “This track is a runaway enslaved African from the master(narrative).”

To drive this point home, Freeze 32 says in one of his lyrics:

This verse is dedicated to the black youth, ayy

Let me show you what the facts will do

Ethnic Studies now!

Give our youth the money now!

Gucci Grape celebrates learning from people’s history in the first line of the song,

Do you believe everything in your textbook?

Do you believe fake stories about Columbus, Captain Cook,

Look, don’t believe everything that you see,

False Knowledge could catch us yes, you or me

If you dig this track, please support the artists by buying the track on Bandcamp and sharing it with everyone in struggle and everyone who is still stuck in the false knowledge trap.

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