Put Your Community on the #BlackLivesMatterAtSchool Week of Action Movement Map!

Click on this link to register your community as participating in the Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action.

Happy Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action!

Seattle, Philadelphia, New York City, New Jersey, Portland, Los Angeles, Chicago, Milwaukee, Boston, Iowa, Baltimore, Washington, D.C.… These are just a few of the scores of cities and communities across the country where educators, students and community organizations have participated in Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action events. Throughout the week, many thousands of educators will be wearing shirts to school that say, “Black Lives Matter at School” and will teach lessons about structural racism, intersectional Black identities, and Black history in cities all across the country.

Are you teaching a lesson related to the Black Lives Matter Global Network principals? Are your students engaging in the BLM at School creative challenge? Are you organizing a rally, speak out, student talent showcase? Whatever you are doing to be part of the Week of Action, we want to know about it and we hope that you put your community on the BLM at Schools movement map! Click on the link and register your community as participating.

Thank you!

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