Scrapping the MAP charts a course toward good teaching, not flawed testing

OP-ED to the The Seattle Times By Jesse Hagopian and Liza Campbell

ScraptheMAPPlease read and share my oped published in the Seattle Times today about our big time victory against the MAP standardized test at the high school level, our unfinished fight at the K-8 level, and what MAP should be replaced with.  Liza Campbell, teacher at NOVA, and co-author of the report recommending what should replace the MAP, co-wrote the oped.

In the essay we argue that,

“Instead of giving our tax dollars to commercial testing enterprises that endlessly rank and sort our children, we should use our resources to provide reading coaches, math tutors, smaller class sizes, arts programs, summer-school programs, and other critical services our children need more than ever. We have more than a decade of experience with the obsessive standardized testing demanded by “No Child Left Behind” and it hasn’t improved our kids’ educations.”

2 responses

  1. We all want to get rid of junky tests. Thank goodness people are finally starting to realize that the only way to make this happen is for parents to opt their kids out of testing and for teachers to group up and decide not to administer the tests. Go Seattle!


  2. […] Click here for the link to the column via Scrapping the MAP charts a course toward good teaching, not flawed testing | I Am An Educator. […]


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