#LegalizeBlackHistory: Past Lessons to Resist Florida’s Ban on AP African American Studies—and the College Board’s Capitulation

Past struggles in Florida against slavery, Jim Crow, the Red Scare, and the Lavender Scare are replete with lessons to build a justice society today. We can’t allow Florida--or the College Board--to purged them from our classrooms.

#LegalizeBlackHisotry: Celebrate #BlackHistoryMonth With 20% Off New Apparel That Sends a Message to Florida & the Nation

In celebration of Black History Month, we have opened a new on-line “Legalize Black History” store--with more products than the previous one--and are offering a 20% discount on all appeal and school supplies! The new online Legalize Black History store features t-shirts and merch, some with the classic design, some messages specifically for Florida educators, and others for educators all over the country. Our demand to legalize Black history is particularly urgent since Florida banned the new AP African American Studies course and has passed a law stipulating that teachers caught with banned books—related to Black history or the queer experience—face “up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine…a third-degree felony.”

“Where I Got My Name (Down in Mississippi)” Music Video: A family revelation turned into medicine for historical trauma on Juneteenth

"As I continued to work on our 'Plague Blues' album over the summer, my dad Gerald Lenoir made a stunning discovery: our family was enslaved on the same plantation in Morgantown, Mississippi as the family of the legendary blues artist, J.B. Lenoir." 

‘Our Liberation is Connected with the Palestinian People’: Aaron Dixon, Former Black Panther Party Captain, Speaks Out

Aaron Dixon is an activist, author, and co-founder of the Seattle chapter of the Black Panther Party in 1968. Dixon traveled to Palestine to stay with Palestinian families in Jerusalem and the West Bank and learn more about their culture and their struggle for justice. Jesse Hagopian spoke to Dixon about the most recent wave of Israeli attacks on Palestine and the connection between Black people in the United States and Palestinians.

New York Post attacks Black Lives Matter at School movement, “Teaching for Black Lives,” and “The New Teacher Book”

With the new school year underway, antiracist educators around the country are back at work uplifting Black students--and the New York Post is back at work spewing racist garbage. For their back to school coverage, the Post decided to give column space, not to experts in closing opportunity gaps or promising new approaches to supporting Black …

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