Jesse Hagopian Joins CBS News to Counter GOP Bills Outlawing The Teaching of Structural Racism: “I will not lie to kids”

I joined CBS News anchor Tanya Rivero on her program to discuss the request from Republican lawmakers to rescind any support of the 1619 Project and to talk about the proliferation of bills in state legislatures around the country that would ban teaching about structural racism. In the interview I called on educators to sign the new petition from the Zinn Education Project that calls on teachers to pledge that they will teach about the long legacy of structural racism, sexism, heterosexism, and other forms of oppression–regardless of the law.

It’s time to begin preparing for civil disobedience and for teachers to openly defy these neo-McCarthyist laws that would have educators lie to students about the fact that our country was founded on the genocide of Native Americans and African peoples and that structural racism and other forms of oppression persists in many ways today.

Visit the links to the Zinn Education Project below to sign the pledge! #TeachTheTruth


Jesse Hagopian

Trump Attacks Howard Zinn and the Zinn Education Project — Defend Teaching  People's History Today! – I AM AN EDUCATOR
Virtual Offering Plate – Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Andover

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