Beyond Ferguson: Voices in a youth-led movement for justice

The Seattle PBS affiliate, KCTS Channel 9, produced this new “IN Close” episode which takes a look at aspects of the Black Lives Matter movement in Seattle.  This special is a two part series, the first of which includes an interview I gave contesting the Mayor’s assertion that “Seattle isn’t Ferguson”–the implication being that we have achieved police accountability and social justice, an absurd assertion in a city with a police force under a federal consent decree for excessive use of force.

The second segment features students from Garfield High School’s Black Student Union, of which I am a co-advisor.  Watch these young people articulate their vision and their commitment to this movement and then you will understand why I believe we are at the beginning of a new civil rights movement.

Beyond Ferguson: Voices

A diversity of political, cultural, religious and educational leaders challenge us to confront the racial realities of our region’s and wax poetic and prophetic on where we go from here.

Youth Movement

What began as a social media hashtag, has now become the rallying cry of a new movement in America. This story takes a look at how “Black Lives Matter” resonates with college and high school students in Seattle.

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