Jesse Hagopian’s Fall and Winter Tour

The momentum of the national movement for authentic assessment shows no signs of abating.  Already this year, teachers in St. Paul, MN have attempted to buck state law in defense of quality assessment by attempting to bargain a contract that does not include standardized testing as part of evaluations.  Teachers in California just helped get legislation through the State Congress that puts a moratorium on the testing for the year. A new PDK/Gallup educational survey shows Americans are fed up with high-stakes testing: Only 22% of Americans–less than one in four–believe increased testing has helped the performance of local public schools and 58% reject using student test scores to evaluate teachers.

In an effort to extend last year’s “education spring” into a full-blown democratic revolution in education, Jesse Hagopian is hitting the road this fall to speak to parents, students, teachers, and community members about a vision for education that is about empowering our youth to solve the problems in our society and using authentic forms of assessment to nurture that kind of learning.

You can contact Jesse here to inquire about brining him to your community.

City Date Event Description
Washington, D.C. September 19th, 2013 United States Congress: Congressional Black Caucus hearing. Jesse Hagopian testifies to the Congressional Black Caucus on the impact of high stakes testing and school closures on education
Washington, D.C. September 21th, 2013 Bammy Awards The Academy of Education Arts and Sciences holds an annual award ceremony for teachers, “The Bammy Awards.”  Jesse Hagopian is one of five nominees nationally who is being considered for the honor of “secondary teacher of the year.”
Los Angeles, CA October 4th, 2013 PEAC Conference TBD
Los Angeles, CA October 4th-6th Reclaiming the Promise of Public Schools: Community and Labor Organizing Together for Educational and Social Justice. The NEA Department of Minority Community Organizing is joining with the AFT on this upcoming conference
Maui, HI October, 17th 2013 Teacher Institute  Hawaii Sate Teachers Association is holding its annual conference with the theme, “Leading the Way.” 
Seattle, WA October, 19th Northwest Teaching for Social Justice Conference Rethinking Schools holds this annual conference with hundreds of educations from around the region.  Jesse will join a panel of Garfield teachers and students to discuss, “Scrap The MAP: How to boycott a standardized test.”
Louisville, KA December, 6th Unity Conference This annual social justice conference is sponsored by the Kentucky Alliance civil rights organization.
Orlando, FL Jan., 2014 NEA TBD

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