What They Say About Jesse

“Jesse Hagopian brought a rare moment of truth to the corporate-dominated Education Nation show when he spoke on behalf of his colleagues at Garfield High in Seattle. He instantly became the voice and face of the movement to stop pointless and punitive high-stakes testing.”

–Diane Ravitch, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education, education historian, and bestselling author

“Jesse Hagopian is doing more than teaching history. He is answering history’s call.”

John Young, writer and regular contributor to the Austin Statesman news

“Jesse brings parents, students, and teachers together for the greater good. He is a tireless advocate for his students and his coworkers. His voice is for social justice.”

  –Bob George, Save Our Schools National Director

“Jesse Hagopian helps students learn from history and then apply those lessons to their lives today.”

  –Deborah Menkart, Executive Director of Teaching for Change 

“When students take Mr. Hagopian’s class, I know their lives will be changed for the better! His uncanny ability to incorporate history into how it influences each student’s life now has changed many of my student’s educational experiences for the better. They feel empowered and hopeful, which is what the educational experience should be for all students.”

–Serena Samar, Garfield High School special education teacher

“Jesse’s bold and courageous stand in defense of joyful and engaging public education is an inspiration to us all. As a parent, I want my children to learn their abc’s, as well as an understanding of the world and social justice. Jesse is the kind of teacher I want for them – passionate and principled, taking a stand for what’s right.”

  –Julie Fain, Chicago Public Schools parent and founding member of More Than A Score

“History is the one class I’ve always resented throughout high school. Not because I wasn’t interested in history, but because all the excitement was drained out and the relevance of to how to apply what I was learning was never taught to me. The passion Mr. Hagopian brings to the classroom each morning as he stands in front of class with his coffee mug captivates everyone. After covering the days subject matter, he would go a step further by asking us to voice our opinions on what we learned, something I have never had a high school history teacher do. It was the first time where I’ve felt my opinion held some importance. Afterwords, he asks us to draw connections to present day problems and propose possible solutions using what we’ve learned. Mr. Hagopian has not only taught me history, but also how to become an active change-maker for the future.”–Falmata Seid, Garfield High School student


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